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Mulan MFG’s production operations have returned to normal and will not be affected by the covid-19 outbreak.
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  • On-Demand Manufacturing Service

  • Mulan MFG servies global buyers in different industries, provides high-quality products and services, and also meets the procurement needs of customers of different sizes. Confidence comes from professional and powerful manufacturing resources.

Mulan is not just a product supplier. We create is the future.       We provide one-stop production solutions for global buyers.

Mulan MFG has been engaged in manufacturing for 20 years. We have participated in the product manufacturing of 5,000 design projects and are familiar with the requirements and manufacturing processes of products in different industries. Starting in 2019, mulan mfg started an excellent project and began to vigorously develop product development for inventions with intellectual property rights around the world. In the face of the global designer ’s open cooperation restrictions, using strong manufacturing resources and rich product production experience, for each A product designer provides one-stop service.

  • Design

  • Development

  • Manufacturing

Custom Parts Rapid Manufacturing For Every Industry!

About Mulan MFG

From start-up companies to comprehensive expansion of global business, Mulan MFG has accumulated 10 years of experience in product custom manufacturing, and its business scope meets most of the global buyers.

Mulan MFG focuses on the manufacture of customized plastic and metal products, and its mission is to provide global buyers with the most efficient one-stop on-demand manufacturing and supply services.

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  • 3000+ Buyers Select Mulan
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Ability To Manufacture Multiple Materials

aluminum alloy cnc machining parts
stainless steel stamping products
plastic Rapid Prototyping products
Metal Stamping Products


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